Sunday, May 27

Mommy's Manners Make Me Happy

Recently, I was walking through a hotel I happened to notice a mom and small child who were walking in front of us. A stranger held the door for them and the mother thanked him. Just a moment later the child opened another door for his mom, who passed through the door with out so much as a, "thanks."
Sometimes we as moms can forget that a simple thank you can go a long way. Please and thank you are not just for our kids, they are for us, they are for grand parents, brothers and sisters, and kind strangers too. We are constantly reminding our littles to use their manners, but when they do something for us, or we ask them to do something, please don't forget those 2 extra words that mean so much.
And while please and thank you go a long way, it helps to take the time to acknowledge our baby's hard work, effort, and just plain kindness. My littles are still at the age where they love to help me, but I can't help wondering if maybe using my manners won't make that stage stick around just that much longer?
What about our spouses?
Yes, spouses need to feel appreciated also. WHen your love hands you a glass of water, fixes that broken sink, or brings home your favorite candy bar; thank them. When yu ask for something say please, and for goodness sake, guys when your wife does a good job (even if it's just that she tried hard) at something, gals if your husband does a good job (even if he just tried hard), praise your love for doing their best.
Manners, praise, and just plain appreciation can make a world of difference when it comes to a whole lot of things. how do you show your littles or your love your appreciation? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.
Until next time my friends, God bless & Make it a great day!

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