Friday, May 18

Back burner blog

Hello again friends,
Over the passed few months this blog baby of mine, has been set on the back burner to make way for Birthdays, broken bones, and blessed holidays. After that, surgery, recovery, and that has lead the Pineda family 5 right in to the final week of the 1st quarter of 2012.
While all this has gone on I've not had much of a chance to keep in touch with friends or extended family, to do what I had planned for the "new" year, or even to keep up with house chores and other obligations. It's been a bit of a roler coaster ladies and gents. But, over the passed week, things have finally come together. And I am caught up (ok, for the most part) with my house work.
I successfully decluttered my kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even my linen closet.
*I'm so proud of me. :)
I am a beginner bloger I don't have give-aways, advertising competition, or even readers that comment on my posts; but I write from the heart, and from my life. No, my grammar isn't perfect, my wording isn't always right, but I share my stories, experiences, and knowledge with those who are interested in the hope of offering some person out in weby land a sense of "someone else' has been there too."
so, here I am, on this Sunday Afternoon, writing my 27th post, and I wanted it to be a better one than just me raving on about these passed couple of months. So, what i will share with you today is; How I Decluttered Our 2 Bedroom Apartment after my recovery.
To begin my tale of tasks unwanted, I had some complications at the beginning of this year that lead to an operation in the 3rd week of February. Supposably it was only going to be 2 weeks recovery but when all was said and done, it was a full month before I felt myself again. This meant that I had laid/sat on my bum for 4 straight weeks. This also meant that my house basically sat on it's bum for the same amount of time; except for hubby's help with laundry and dishes. *can we say ugh?
So, as you can probably imagine; it was going to be no spring picnic to get us ship shape again.
I began with what was around me and just had 2 containers, a find a place, and a trash container. What ever didn't belong where i was got tossed in either one of these receptacles. Once they were full, they got emptied. Trash of course went in the trash, and other stuff found it's proper place. If it didn't have a place, it went in a "bye-bye" bag. (This has yet to be taken to the local church but is in the works)
And, so has been my passed week, but over all it had to get done, and it did.
Confession: I've never been a super cleaner, I always just did what I could get done perfectly with the time and energy that I had, (a mistake as I would learn because to quote the FlyLady, "even housework done incorrectly blesses your family") but more importantly I learned a valuable lesson; that less really _is more. The less I have to pick up, fix, or just deal with; the more time I have to spend with my family. And kids _really _do grow up way too fast.
On a personal note; I learned another very valuable lesson, and that is in all the years I've been married, my husband has given me everything in his power, and what he asked of me I had completely missed. I had asked him many many times what it was he wanted most, and each time he had no materialistic want to be fulfilled, but almost everyday he would ask me to clean our room/kitchen/etc, and I would find some reason not do what he asked of me. Now, I see that his desire isn't the hottest app, the newest big screen, or even the smallest camera; it's a clean and comfortable home. What I don't know is why it took me so long to see what I should have known from the beginning.
The only answer I have at all is, that God moves in His own time. Thanks my sweet hubby for being so patient with me through all these years.
Well folks, I've shared what I have for this week, and God willing I'll be back next week to share something else with you.
Until next time, God bless & Make it a great day!

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  1. This Is Cool Babe! I love you.


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