Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day To All You Dads

Father, papa, dad, daddy, and so many other names we have for the man who raised us. THe man who worked long hours, woke in the middle of the night to check for monsters under the bed, and who gave us a stern "talken to" when we needed it.
This past week, my dad retired after 20 years of cleaning up after elementary school children and teachers. He worked the swing shift for the duration of those 20 years and as a result missed much of the extra curricular performances and other activities of my junior high, and highschool years. But, we had food to eat, a house to live in, and most (if not all) we wanted. Weekend camping trips where Dad taught me how to appreciate nature, and my brother to build and light a campfire, drive a dunebuggy, and run away from the skyrockit before it goes off. lol Sure, just like any other family, we met hard times, we had our struggles. But dad and mom made it all OK.
Personally I am a mom, but just being a parent and watching my husband do his daddy part of raising our 3 littles, helps me understand that making it all work out for our kiddos isn't always easy. So, I just want to say thanks daddy for all you've done for me, my brother, and Mom.
And I want to wish a happy Father's Day to all the dads out there who are stepping up and really being dads.
"Any male can father a child, but it takes a MAN to be a dad."
Until next time Friends, God Bless and as always Make it a great day!

Friday, June 8

My Share God Challenge

We sit down, order our food, and wait for it to come.
When the food arrives, we say a prayer for our food. Usually 1 person prays and the family ends the prayer together with a resounding "Amen".
Prayer in a restaurant isn't something you see every day. And we often get looks for it. Surprising the looks we get are not looks of contempt, but looks of admiration. (I am not being full of myself here) I pray with my family where ever we happen to be; and i don't care what other people around us think.
Why" Because I love God, I am blessed, and I am greatful for it. I am a christian who wants to share the word of God, and the blessings I have, And secretly hopes to show people that pthere is no shame in these things. On the contrary, the relationship with God is something to share and be proud of.
Share by example, pushing my beliefs on a person only pushes them away. Most people throw away flyers, brush off stories, and even become anoyed by, "another one of those religious fanatics." It's easy to love God when all is going well, but it not always as easy to love God and have faith when times are hard. But, that's what God wants us to do. I know this post if full of things we've all probably heard at some point in our lives, but I write these things because they are true.
so I pray in public, I give thanks for the blessings, and I do what I do, and in the process teach my children to do the same. if someone happens to learn something, that's Gods work.
Except for today. I am issuing a challenge. If you don't already, say a prayer in a public place, give thanks for the blessing in your life, and/or just simply say a prayer Asking God to help that "grumpy person" in your grocery line today.
Until next time Friends, God bless and Make it a great day!

Thursday, June 7

Make My Day I Dare You

Today, is the 1st day of the rest of your life! Enjoy this day, and make the best of the days to come. How? Read on for some tips hat have helped me and I hope they prove jsut as valuable to you too.
1. A good night's sleep always makes for a better day. Rest is so important; since it gives your body the down time it needs to rejuvinate itself, your body also takes this time to heal from any nicks or other ingery sustained during the day, and most importantly it gives the brain time to sort through all the information it has recieved allowing it to erase the things you don't want to remember adn keep the things you do. (food for thought)
2. Brushing of teeth: What? Yes, the mint in your toothpaste can help you focus, wake your scenses up (in turn waking your mind), when your scenses are awake you can focus on the tasks your day brings, and for goodness sake it gets rid of the excess bacteria in your mouth eliminating bad breath.
3. Find at least 5 things to give thanks for: Even if you say thanks for the air you breath, the sun in the sky, and the song of that "beautiful" bird that so nice woke you at 5 in the morning with his lovely song. Giving thanks for the small things will help you appreciate the big things all that much more.
4. Music: Music (especially inspirational or upbeat music) will keep your mind in a better mood than if you spend your day in silence. Music comes in many different styles and everyone has their personal preference; but if you listen to sad music it has the power to make your mind sad, where as happy music has the power to lift your spirit and make your mood that much better.
5. Love you some babies: Our babies are a precious gift from God and they are meant for us to love; sometimes that meas a hug, other times that means a game to play, and then sometimes it just means sitting down and watching them play their way. Whatever you do to show your babies that you love them I can guarantee they will love you right back. And who doesn't like to be loved? I know I do.
How your day goes is up to you. Making the best of your day or letting your day get the best of you is a choice we make by the minute. And while not every minute of every day is going to be peaches and cream, I hope your days are filled with the choice to make them great.
Until next time my friends, God bless, and Make it a GREAT day!