Friday, June 8

My Share God Challenge

We sit down, order our food, and wait for it to come.
When the food arrives, we say a prayer for our food. Usually 1 person prays and the family ends the prayer together with a resounding "Amen".
Prayer in a restaurant isn't something you see every day. And we often get looks for it. Surprising the looks we get are not looks of contempt, but looks of admiration. (I am not being full of myself here) I pray with my family where ever we happen to be; and i don't care what other people around us think.
Why" Because I love God, I am blessed, and I am greatful for it. I am a christian who wants to share the word of God, and the blessings I have, And secretly hopes to show people that pthere is no shame in these things. On the contrary, the relationship with God is something to share and be proud of.
Share by example, pushing my beliefs on a person only pushes them away. Most people throw away flyers, brush off stories, and even become anoyed by, "another one of those religious fanatics." It's easy to love God when all is going well, but it not always as easy to love God and have faith when times are hard. But, that's what God wants us to do. I know this post if full of things we've all probably heard at some point in our lives, but I write these things because they are true.
so I pray in public, I give thanks for the blessings, and I do what I do, and in the process teach my children to do the same. if someone happens to learn something, that's Gods work.
Except for today. I am issuing a challenge. If you don't already, say a prayer in a public place, give thanks for the blessing in your life, and/or just simply say a prayer Asking God to help that "grumpy person" in your grocery line today.
Until next time Friends, God bless and Make it a great day!

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