Friday, May 24

That Was then This Is Now But I am Blessed

Dear Friends:
Summer is fast approaching and these past few months have just whizzed by. The last time I wrote I had made the introduction to the dollhouse declutter series I had planned on starting.
God had another plan.
The last time I wrote, I was living in my 2bed 2bath appartment downtown, with my husband and 3 cherubs. I'm now living in the 5bed 3 bath house I grew up in with my husband 3 cherubs and 2 parents.
The last time I wrote, I been to Las Vegas once in my life for 3days with my family of 7. I've now had the experience of trying to live there and having to return and start from the bottom again.
And Finally, the last time I wrote, I kept a positive outlook because I felt positive despite the trials we faced in our appartment. We had our own place and that was something to be greatful for after so much drama in the place we were before. See first posts. now, I am positive for the people around me, the church I am growing closer to, and the small things I knew I was blessed with before and may not ever have again. I don't expect to ever have a house to call my own, or even an appartment for that matter, but I am greatful for the roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in at night. I am greatful for my parents who do so much for my children on a regular basis, and who always seem to swoop in and rescue my buns just before they hit the fire. I love them 2 people more than they know.
I've posted before that life has a way of throwing curve balls at me. But these last ones really hit hard. I dont' know what God has planned, what the future holds, or even what's for breadfast tomorrow morning. I do however know that God is not finnished with me and that I am being broken down and transformed to whatever I am supposed to be. During these past fewww months I have considered myself hanging on to God's pinky finger just waiting to be dropped. But recently I was shown that I am in the middle of his hand and he is carrying me through. My faith in God has not dwindled, though I have cried many tears and smiled few smiles I know I am blessed to have a family who supports me in my choices, my attempts, trials, successses, and all that falls in between.
Faith, Hope, Love, I am blessed.
Friends, take a moment to bless and be blessed by the real things that matter in life. The people that God has put in your life.
Love, Live , Laugh, and learn with them. I don't have very many close friends, But I have the most faithful loving friend anyone could ever ask for; Jesus. I am not perfect, yet he loves me anyway. I forget to call, yet he loves me anyway. I get angry, make mistakes, trip and fall, yet He loves me anyway.
It makes me sad some times not to be able to give my children what they ask, I can't afford baseball teams, soccer camp, skateboard park memmberships, or even a trip to the icecream shop right now, but My children know they are loved. Sometimes that's all I can give.
I do hope this wasn't a waste of your time, I don't know what or whom this is written for, but it's real. It's my heart and Friend I hope you are blessed.
Until next time, God bless and Make it a great day!