Friday, May 18

I never Knew

"wow, I never knew the back of my car looked like this," my mother said to me recently as I was helping her clean out her van.
Those words sparked a thought I hadn't considered before.
"Think of all the things we miss because of the idea that we're grown now."
The backseat of a van, the bottom or top bunk, sitting on the floor. These are all things our children do on a regular basis. Yet we don't do anymore. And then we wonder to ourselves what our kids are thinking.
How can we understand our children's point of view if we don't view things from their points? I realized that we as parents or "grownups" have the best of both worlds. YOu see, we can sit on the floor, watch cartoons, and eat PB&J. We can also reach that cookie jar, know where all the goodies are hidden, and push those buttons on "mommy and daddy's computer".
Taking the time to visit our kids in their world gives us a better understanding of what they feel, how they think, and ultimately who they are. Our children are more than diaper changes, juice boxes, homework, and video games. They are little people with minds, feelings, and interest all their own.
So, I urge you to take time and visit the world we once knew as ours, the world of toys, games, and unwanted nap times. Or if you have teens, play a video game or two, watch a tv show or share a book with your child. You know they grow up way too fast, so enjoy their company and share a moment that neither you or your child will soon forget.
Until Next time, GOd bless, & as always; Make it a great day!

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