Friday, May 18

Mommy And Me Manicure and Tea

Mommy, put your hands like this so I can see them? Momm, it's time" Daughter says smiling as she squeezes my index fingernail between her tiny index and thumb.
"Time for what?" I say taking the bate.
"let's paint your nails!" she happily whispers in my face.
I set up a TV tray in front of the couch while she gets the manicure box (an old wipes box) from my room.
This box contains nail polish remover, clear coats, a few polish colors, and some cotton balls. It's not a whole lot, but it serves us well.
She paints my nails and does and awesome job at it too. I don't say that because she is my daughter, i say that because she truly is good at it. (I wish I had a picture to post.)
Then she paints her own nails. I put some water to boil and ready the tea set. While the water boils we clear the tray table away and then sit at the dining table. I make the tea and we wait for it to steep. We chat about colors, drying polish until it's time to pour. She puts oreos on napkins. We sip our tea and eat cookies. We pray for our food, talk about her day and mine, and then a little about when the time comes for her to have tea with her daughter/s. I love to hear her ideas, her thoughts, and the way they grow and change. my 6 year old will grow up all too soon and I hope that she will grow with fond memories of her "mommy".
I can't always be the fun one, I have to set rules and boundaries since that's my job as a mother; but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with an enjoy my daughter's company.
What special thing do you do with your child/ren to build your relationship? I'd love to hear from you.
Until Next time my friends. God bless and Make it a great day!

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