Saturday, May 19

Half Full Or Half Empty

Every once in a while, life will throw us curve balls that have the potential to knock us six ways from Sunday. I mean those moments when it seems like nothing is what it should be, everything is going wrong, and on top of that you still have your everyday tasks to attend to.
Staying positive: OUr attitude and how we perceive things can make all the difference in the world. We've all heard the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." In other words, it's your decision to see this cup half full or to see it half empty.
People can be mean and realize it or not. No matter what we do, so keep your head up despite what words are thrown in your direction; with the knowledge in your heart that you either did nothing wrong or you are doing your best to correct your mistake. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. And killing them with kindness is a great way to deal with mean or unpleasant people.
Finances are one of the top reasons marriages fall apart. Don't let this happen to yours. Folks please remember that money is _not everything, and your spouse is priceless. When you cut expenses, make changes, and work together; you both can make it work.
When the past comes back up to bring you down, the best thing to do is to forgive, and let go. While this is so much easier said than done, it feels so wonderful when you finally get there; but it has to be a conscious decision on your part.
Most of all, remember that you are on this earth for a reason, God Has a plan, and He loves you.
(how I talk myself out of negativity,: "When I am down and oh my soul's so weary, when trouble comes and my heart burdened be. Then I am still and wait here in the silence, until you come and sit a while with me."
When a person struggles with depression negativity tends to rear it's ugly head. Sometimes at the absolute worst possible moments. And it is during these times that a person has to really work hard to fight these thoughts and keep on going. Sometimes I have days like the aforementioned example. It's not fun, and it's even harder to explain to the people who love you. so take a step back for a moment to take a breath, say a prayer, and then find 10 things to be grateful for. There are days I have to begin with the air I breathe and the floor under my feet then go on to my family and so forth. But that is the most effective technique I've found, thanking God for all His blessings, takes my focus off the things I am having a hard time with. The next prayer I say is to ask God for his guidance with whatever situations are in my immediate care. Sometimes we just have to let go and let God.
, and what to do when you can't.): And then, there's the moment when we've exhausted all of our options and we're waiting for God to answer our prayers. Sometimes our emotions just need an outlet. Yes my strong male friends; you too need an emotional outlet. Take a moment to sit and let yourself feel; feel sad, feel angry, feel frustrated, and then let it out. Cry, punch that pillow, screen into your pillow or bed. Another very effective way I found to let my feelings go is to write a letter to whomever (even if it just says "dear Whoever,") talk about your feelings, why you feel that way, or even what you wish you could do; take that letter and rip it, smash it, and throw it away. The writing will get your feelings out, the ripping and smashing will give you a way to channel that energy, and to throw it away can give you a sense of closure. It's ok to be sad, angry, etc. if you have a reason. Letting it out healthily is a necessity all humans have. Please do not take your anger out on the ones who love you, or yourself, because that is not healthy for anyone, and if you find that you are having a particularly hard time dealing with something in your life; please do not hesitate to ask for the help you need. Love yourself and those around you enough to ask for that help.
My friends, we all reach points in our lives when things don't go our way, but it's what you do during that time that matters. Whether you are there now, have been there before, or haven't been there yet; I hope this stays with you and that you will remember these techniques but most of all that when you are at the bottom of the barrel the only way to look is up to God.
Until next time, God bless and Make it a great day!

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