Monday, June 13

Time Flys When You're Having Fun

Hello again friends! It is now the middle of June and half of this year has just flown by like a rocket.
This past few months have been a bit hecktic with health issues, and unexpected chalenges. Getting settled in to our new place has proven to be a bit more time consuming than I had expected, and of course homeschooling always keeps us on our toes. But life would be borring if it never threw a curve ball in our direction at least once in a while; right?
So here I am once again and this time I have compiled a short version of a list of sights and resources that I hope will be of some help to you. Some of these I've known about for a while, still others are new additions to our ever growing list of resources. I will be creating a page of recommended resources but until then, here's a few to check out in the meantime.

Below are some websites that cary all sorts of gadgetry that will help you as a parent &/or as a homemaker, won't break the bank, and who knows, you may just find something you'd like just for the fun of it.

future Aids:
(Formerly known as The Braille SuperStore, it's a great resource for adaptive toys, games, educational materials, & transcription services.(

American Printing House For The Blind:
(A great resource for braille, large print, and recorded materials, as well as some neat embossing and braille teaching equipment.)

Maxi Aids:
(This site caters to all sorts of disabilities including blind & low vision.)
Independent Living Aids:
(This is another site catering to all sorts of disabilities. Sometimes they may have a lower price or a product in stock that may not be available at Maxiaids.)
Seedlings Braille Books For Children: http://www.seedlings.or/
Seedlings offers brailled board books for early childhood development these are nice for children just beginning to read braille or for parents who are blind & wish to read to their sighted children. Don't forget to look for books for older kids too.)
Lakeshore Learning:
(a site dedicated to early childhood learning lots of neat toys, games, books & Teaching resources.)
Blind Mice Mart:
(this site caries a large selection of discriptive audio movies, & some adaptive equipment including but not limmited to labeling machines and cook books.)
(This is the company that describes television shows such as Sesame Street and The Simpsons, theater motion pictures, and also offer a wide selection of home videos with description, ranging from clasic disney movies, to scifi and documentaries, and anything in between.)
Extreme Geek:
(this isn't spacificly a "blind" site, but they cary a few kitchen & household products that may help you & some silly things you just might have fun with.)
(just thought I'd throw this out there, a site offering medical & child ID neckleases & bracelets maybe a good thing to have on yourself &or the baby just in case.)

Note: Future, maxi, & independent living aids; cary canes, labeling equipment, writing equipment, & so much more so don't forget to check for those things, their prices are much lower than the Braille instatute student stor.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section below, I'll do my best to find the answers for you.

Take care & as always, God bless, & Make it a great day!

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