Monday, June 13

A Birthday Blog or Parenting From A Special-Needs Child-now-Parent's Point of View

Happy Birthday Annie Girl!!! My mom half shouted into my bedroom door on the morning of my 10th birthday. I stretched and lazily rolled out of my bed.
"I'm still tired," I yawned with a smile.
"Come on out to the living room," she said quietly.
So, I got dressed, & when I was ready to go to school, I made my way down the hall into the living room where I promptly flopped down on the couch or rather the box that had been there first.
"You're supposed to open it, not sit on it," laughed my dad.
I laughed and opened the big box.

I had what I had been begging and pleading for for months.
"I'm gonna wear em to school!"
"I don't think you... Um, How about after school?"
I was so excited and believe me those roller-blades got their fair share of wear and tear.
     "Happy birthday son!!" I said in to the phone this past Sunday. The cherubs had spent the night at Nana & Papa's house (the same house I grew up in). This was my oldest son's 10th birthday & it's simply amazing how much he's grown, how much he's learned, and yet there is still so much he needs to know before he turns 18. I have 8 years left in which time I am responsible for making this boy into a responsible, functional, considerate, respectable, and educated young man.
"Can we say Yikes!!!"

Life has it's ups, downs, swirls, and twirls; but nothing can ever prepare you for the rude awakening that is your child's growing up. I think in this world, you can only do your best but sometimes I wonder if my best is good enough & I take solis in the fact that I'm not the only one. Oh, I can sit and play "What If" with the best of em.
But, my best gage is my son himself. He may test my pacients, work my nerve, and even just plain tick me off once in a while; but when I see the person that little bundle of blanket and diaper with a face has become, I thank God because even though there still a few quirks to work through he's on the right path. I have 2 more lights of my life, and by no means are they any different. While they all have their personalities, their own quirks, and their own perposes in life; they are all my cherubs.
Believe me kids will test you to infinity and beyond, but to be there for them at that crucial moment when they need you most is what helps make them who they are and who they will be.
As for me, I was blessed to have a set of parents who allowed me to fall, get messy, and let me pick my self up and dust myself off. They were there when I needed them (Heck who am I kidding they still are) and they were there when I needed them to kick my butt in to gear. It's important to let your children live, learn, and love; and when it's all said and done, they'll be better people for it. Especially if that child/ren has special needs, whether physical chalenges, blindness, deafness, or developmental needs, the best thing you can do is wind em up & watch em go. Of course you know your babies better than anyone else ever could, & each child reaches milestones at his/her own pase (special needs or not). But, experience is the best teacher even if it means making mistakes. I can tell you some stories about some sheltered children that would make you want to scream; ranging from a 16 year old blind child forbidden to use a fork, to a 7 year-old still taking a binky at naptime. I can also tell you stories about children who have successfully won olimpic compatitions, 5 year-old musicians, & a blind girl who grew up to write a blog (Can you guess who that is? lol).

I don't have all the answers, I don't even have a success story to tell yet, but what I do have is 3 cherubs, a lot of tough love to give, & most importantly the power of prayer on my side.
Parenthood, it's not all easy, it's not all bad, it's a blessing to be a parent, and remember that not all people are so fortunate to have children of their own. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am just having a mommy moment and I'm sharing it with you. I really don't know what the perpose of this post is, except to say

"Happy Birthday Nathan!!!"

Until next time, take care and as always, God bless &
Make it a great day!

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