Saturday, February 19

Just 5 Keys

Comunication Honesty, Prayer, Respect, Trust

These are the 5 keys to any relationship. I did not put them in a numbered list, I have them going across the top of this post in alphabetical order for 1 simple reason; that is because they are not 1 more important than the other. I am not a marriage counselor, a therapist, or a spouce of 20 years. I’ve been married for 5 years & we have our moments; believe me. No marriage is perfect, no marriage is like another. Each person is different in this world & so is each person’s life partner. Soul mates have differences in opinion too.

Let’s take a look at each of these “keys” & see what I mean.


If you & I walk by each other in a shopping mall, you go your way & I go mine. Will you ever know my name, where I come from, or who I am? No.

If you stop me in a grocery market to ask me a question, at least then you’ll know what my voice sounds like.

& If you love me wouldn’t you want to know everything about me?

How do you know what I think or why I’m laughing. ASK ME! Communicate with me & learn about me.

Learn about your spouse, learn her desires, learn his frustrations, learn all you can about them, because the more you know the more you understand, & the more you understand the more you can support, help, deal with what ever curve ball comes your way.


In a relationship, honesty is truly the best policey. Why? Because if you can’t tell the person you love what you hold in your heart, how can you expect them to tell you. Noone likes to be lied to including you & me. Simpley, telling the truth is sometimes not always the easiest rout to take, but if you can’t talk to your spouse you can’t work through difficult times.


Prayer is often overlooked in Christian marriages. “but I pray every day.” I’m not talking about your alone time with God, I’m talking about Praying with your spouse. Since prayer is a time to share with God your deepest concerns, your Requests for His help, & a time to open your heart to Him; a person is likely to feel vonerable. Letting your spouse in & coming in agreement with each other is a truly awesome way to strengthen your marriage. In time of need, or time of rejoice; let your unity be known to God, your spouse, & yourself.


Everyone gets frustrated, everyone makes mistakes, & yes at some point or another _everyone looses their temper. Name calling, cursing, yelling, & even hitting can do major damage in a marriage. You’d be surprised to find out how many people go to church, bible in hand, & in their Sunday best; that are in some way abusive. Life has it’s moments, but if we tare each other down how can we call ourselves building anything up. Marriage, family, & parenthood all require R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from everyone involved.


Trust just like all the others is a two way street. You have to be able to trust but you also have to be trustworthy. Maintaining the other 4 keys in this set of 5 is essential to showing & learning how to trust. Trust that he/she will tell you what’s happening in his/her mind. Trust that you’re being told the truth. Trust that you can both trust in God. Trust that there is enough respect in your relationship to handle your differences. & Trust that your trust is mutual.

While these keys are simple, they are not always easy. But working together, leaning on each other, & making sure you support one another is what makes a marriage. God picked you two to be together & it’s you both against the world outside. Lean on God & each other through thick & thin, & you’ve got a plan for success.

I hope these keys help you as much as they’ve helped DH & I in our marriage. Here’s to your happiness.

Make it a great day!

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