Monday, January 24

my forgotten blog & what I've learned

Today I had to laugh. I found my blog again. I had lost it in may of last year, started another, only to find that _nothing I had written over the past 10 yes 10 months had posted live, start another to find that I couldn't download the client to use it, (can we say arg?) & then.. so, here I am looking through someone's posts, & it occurs to me that I had a blog on here too.
What I've learned is, how to tweet, how to facebook, & most of all how to find my way back to my long lost blog. I think I'd better keep better track of my info. lol oh well, you know what my modow is,
"experience is the best teacher, even if it means making mistakes" - author unknown.
Note: I hate to find a blog I love, only to see that the last post was _um 10 months ago.

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